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"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still" 

Why choose me?

I am a very cheerful, relaxed yet energetic, creative and patient photographer, who aims to capture fleeting moments in your life for ever and I have a good sense of humour. I have worked as a teacher and am able to work with and engage children during shoots.


I love to use natural light and rarely use a flash or studio lights, unless I am shooting portraits against a background and the natural light is insufficient.


I believe in going with the flow and seeing what unfolds during the shoot. Sometimes inspiration strikes unexpectedly. Sometimes the client has a particular idea in mind. Sometimes things go to plan. Sometimes they don't exactly but, no matter what, absolutely lovely pictures will be created. I adore looking at details, I love angles and composition, I enjoy making the most of the moments in time, just before I press the button.


I tend to point and shoot when taking photos! I am an instinctive photographer in that sense and I go with what feels right to me, rather than what may be technically correct. I react fast to what is happening in front of me and the people being photographed help me make decisions about how things should progress. It is a partnership. I think on my feet and in the moment and I am therefore able to produce images which require very little post-processing. I do not like to "over edit" or use filters.

I am also a fully qualified first aider and have been for many years.

My style

I like to take natural and spontaneous shots, which reflect the nature of my clients. I do not pose people much and prefer to feel the interaction between the different photoshoot participants, which is constantly evolving. I am not sure that you could actually categorise my style, other than to say that it can be fluid, calm, relaxed, flexible, impulsive, warm and genuine.


I become one with the camera and my subjects, living in the moment and seeing the image both through the lens and in my mind's eye. Some photos may seem like they have been posed, but actually they haven't; it's just that I have quick reaction times! I can capture that split second moment and freeze it for eternity.

Your photoshoot experience

I would suggest that you really look forward to it and then enjoy it when it actually happens. Be prepared (e.g. clothes, make up, props) and then relax. It should be a fun experience which allows you to forget that I am there with a camera. We will discuss details in advance and arrange location, colour schemes, props and so on and I will always respond promptly to any questions you may have.


You can feel confident that you will be getting a unique and totally personal photoshoot and that I will be creating some great pictures for you to treasure. We will work as a team.

Show me the love

A lot of love shines through in photoshoots e.g. the love of parents for their newborn baby, the love of a little boy who has now become a big brother, the love of a younger sibling for an older one, the love of two adults. Love and laughter and lingering looks...


Love is by its very nature intangible and yet it can be portrayed through photographs which can capture a moment, a look, a touch, a smile.

IMG_0016 ed.JPG
IMG_9649 ed.JPG

Product/commercial shoots

Of course, a lot of the comments above to do not apply when shooting various inanimate objects. However, the main premise remains the same; we will work as a partnership to achieve the best results.

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