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"A camera is a save button for the mind's eye"

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Although I am British, I have lived all over the world since I was a baby. I came to the U.A.E. 17 years ago and really enjoy being here. I share my home with my son and daughter, four cats, one foster dog and lots of books.


I firmly believe that photography allows moments in time, which would otherwise be forgotten, to be captured forever. I think that it is so wonderful to be able to get the big photograph album out of the cupboard and to flick through the different pages, pausing, smiling, reminiscing and revisiting lovely memories. In this day and age, thousands of photographs are taken daily but most of them remain overlooked, e.g. on computers, phones or storage devices or they just exist in a virtual world, such as on Facebook or Instagram. I think that is such a shame and so I do encourage people to print their photographs and display them prominently in their homes or workplaces.


I started gaining an interest in photography at the age of 10, when I received a Kodak 110 for my birthday. I have since acquired a lot more photographic experience and equipment! I currently use Canon cameras and lenses. My original subjects used to be the natural world (e.g. flora and fauna), travel and macro photography. I then branched out into portrait and family photography due to high demand from my nearest and dearest initially. Now I love shooting weddings, as well as a range of other subjects.

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