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"A smile is the shortest distance between people"

I did not start out photographing people. I used to shoot landscapes, flora, fauna, nature, buildings and macro shots. Then someone asked me to photograph their family. What an honour! I was scared that I would not do them justice, but I was wrong. I loved seeing the look on their faces when I showed them the photos. They were so happy to have a keepsake of their newborn's first weeks and that moment was priceless. So I vowed to continue!

I aim to capture memories for you, so that you may look at the pictures again & again.


You may sit together and look at them in an album or you may display them on the wall and enjoy them every day.


You may even pass them down though the family, so that your grandchildren can see and feel who you used to be. 


If the photograph has not been taken, these future moments can not happen. 

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