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"And so the adventure begins"

Your wedding celebration is going to be very special. I would be thrilled if you would entrust me with capturing all the moments which will all combine to make it an absolutely unique time in your life.

I adore photographing weddings, from the smallest details to the totally unplanned, candid moments. I am so enthusiastic and passionate about everything wedding related; it would be an honour for me to shoot your beautiful event and I would truly appreciate the trust you place in me.

Together, we can discuss what you would like to be highlighted and what style should be adopted, e.g. all unposed, only family shots posed, all shots posed...


I take note of all the different moments which occur, from the serious nature of the wedding vows to the fun, love and laughter which will abound. You will be making memories and I will be ensuring that you then have the photographic record of these to treasure.

I enjoy photographing a range of subjects and this diversity is reinforced during a wedding; there is a strength to be found in variety, and this forms the foundation on which I have built my wedding photography. I can draw upon my years of experience in order to offer you a high standard of images across the board. They will reflect all the thought and effort which you will have put into planning your wedding. You have chosen how you wish your wedding day to look and I hope you will choose my style of photography to further compliment your day.


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