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"Live life, take pictures, relive memories, repeat"

Choose a photoshoot style which meets your needs

There is a wide range of photoshoots available to suit various requirements. Each one can be carefully tailored for you. You may choose to be photographed on location or in your own home. The photoshoot timings can also be customised, as can the actual content of a photoshoot, e.g. with the use of props or different clothing. The shoot style really does depend on your own personal likes and dislikes. I can accommodate any requests so please feel totally free to discuss these with me in advance of your shoot.

What to wear during a shoot

First of all, you should wear clothes in which you feel comfortable. You can choose a range of clothing styles. I would suggest that you choose items which are plain coloured with no writing, prints or patterns on them. You may wish to colour co-ordinate with anyone else who will be in the photographs with you. You can aim for bright colours which show up well in photographs or you could achieve a timeless look with jeans/dark bottoms and white tops for example. You may choose to wear two or three different outfits for the shoot, so that you can create a variety of looks, if that's an option within the package you choose.

Also, ladies, please do wear some make-up on the day as this really helps accentuate your features.​

Female photographer and picture editor

Please note that all the photographs will be taken and edited by Emily; no male person will be involved in this process.


Scheduling a shoot

I am generally available at weekends when we can use natural light or occasionally later afternoon or in the evening, when we would use studio lights or flash. Please contact me as far in advance as possible of your planned occasion, so that I can put it in the diary.


Family photoshoots can generally be a little more flexible with regards to timing, so please contact me to discuss setting a date. The exception to this is a newborn shoot as this should ideally happen 5 to 10 days after birth. Therefore please contact me when you are still pregnant so that I can have an idea about your due date.

Booking a shoot

To book your shoot, please contact me by email, phone or ideally by whatsapp to discuss your requirements.

Take home all the best photographs

You will be given all the best photos, retouched and allowed to reproduce the photos as many times as you wish, for your personal use only. Other conditions will apply for bespoke or corporate shoots and for special offer packages. This is quite a unique option, but I dislike the idea of paying for a photoshoot and then being told that you have to pay a lot extra to get more than one or two  printed photographs or digital files. 


Receive a minimum quantity of edited photographs

You will receive your individually edited images as digital, hi-resolution, watermark free photographs and some will be retouched e.g. in black & white. The exact amount will depend on the package you choose and/or the events on the day. I will arrange the delivery of the photographs when editing is complete, via an internet link. This link can be easily shared by you with whomever you wish. 

File format

The digital files will be provided as hi resolution, .jpg files. I do not provide the raw files, as these do not represent my vision with regards to what the finished photograph will look like and they are not my final work.

Turnaround time

You will receive a sneak peek of some of the photographs within a couple of days. Please then allow up to 14 days to receive all the images, for most packages. Some bespoke shoots like a wedding will require a longer lead time for photo delivery. I will keep you updated with regards to the completion status.

Photograph sharing

For most packages, the photographs are given to you, for non-commercial use only. Therefore you may share them, print them, copy them and email them without needing permission from me. I request being credited and/or tagged if you share on social media platforms, such as Instagram. However, if you would like to use the pictures for commercial purposes, then you must contact me beforehand to discuss this option.


An initial deposit is required for all bookings and the amount will be communicated to you at that time. The balance of the payment is needed at the time of the shoot, for most packages. If you are booking a wedding or other bespoke package, 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Payments can be made in cash, via bank transfer or ATM deposit.

Please see the Terms & Conditions information for more details.

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